The Best Dog Breeds for Snake Hunting

The Airedale Terrier gets its name from the fact that it is a breed of terrier that was originally from the valley of the River Aire.

In the terrier family, Australian Terriers are considered to be on the petite side. The Australian Terrier may have originated in Australia, but its lineage actually begins in Britain.

One of the first working breeds in the Scottish Highlands is the Cairn Terrier.

Due to their funny appearance, Dachshunds are popular today. Dachshunds are also quite playful, making them ideal for families with children.

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Their slender, fit, and sturdy appearance make the German Pinscher another popular favorite. This hunting-bred dog is visible from over a mile away.

The English Jack Russell, bred to hunt foxes, is another little terrier. The breed's vigor is its hallmark.

Smallest black-and-tan terrier is the Lakeland Terrier. The breed is small but strong, making it a good playmate and sneaky hunter.

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