Horoscope for all Zodiac signs from November 20 to 26

You can expect a surge of energy and initiative; it's a favorable period for launching new projects, especially those requiring confidence and leadership qualities.  

Be especially attentive to details in work and financial matters. Your efforts to maintain stability will be recognized by the stars. 

In the coming week, you can expect many social events and meetings. Use your charm and communication skills to expand professional and personal connections. 

The upcoming days will be favorable for self-reflection and personal growth. Work will require more focus, and you may face tasks that test your determination 

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The week ahead will be a period of active actions for you. Your desire to take on a leadership role will be strengthened by the influence of the stars and planets.  

This week, you will feel the desire to establish a balance between work and personal life. Finding inner peace will be particularly important for you now 

This week, you will need to focus on internal development and self-discovery. Emotions may run high, but this will lead to significant breakthroughs in personal matters. 

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