Easy Peanut Butter Fudge That Requires No Baking 

Rich and tasty, this no-bake peanut butter fudge takes little time at all to whip up.  

With only four simple ingredients, you can whip up a batch of peanut butter fudge that might top all your other sweets.  

Those who adore peanut butter will drool over these delectable squares due to their rich, creamy texture and sweet, nutty flavor. 

This delicious dessert is perfect for gatherings of many kinds, including potlucks and parties, and it will delight kids and adults alike. 

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Plus, the ingredients are likely already in your cupboard, making it 

perfect for those last-minute occasions when you need to make something spectacular.  

Actually, since it goes so quickly, the only possible drawback to this dish is the need to constantly produce additional portions. 

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