Dietitians' Rankings of Fast Food Fish Sandwiche

Dietitians do, however, agree that not all fast food fish sandwiches are created equal.

A fish sandwich can be one of the healthiest options at some fast food joints, but that's not always the case.

Fast food fish sandwiches are often fried, which adds extra calories, even though fish is one of the leanest protein sources available. 

Furthermore, fried foods have been associated in studies to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, inflammation, and other diseases.

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However, nutritionists have offered their opinions on a few fast food fish sandwich options in case you're intending to have one soon.

They ranked the following fast food fish sandwiches from best to worst, excluding sides and drinks:

One of the healthier fast food fish sandwiches available is the classic Filet-O-Fish, which has been served by McDonald's since 1965.

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