Artists share  winter nail trends in and out. 

Incorporating these vibrant hues into your winter wardrobe might make you look like the weather is changing. 

An expert from Bellacures, Hayley Dang, predicts that earth-toned polish will rule the winter beauty scene.  

Brittney Boyce, a famous manicurist, says that aura nails are still popular, but they have a fresh spin. 

The use of an edgy design element, like chromium, to cap off an outer-to-inner gradient is a growing trend in the design world. 

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According to video creator and manicurist Hannah Lee, denim shades of 

blue were all the rage for nails when Taylor Swift was spotted sporting a dark-blue hue. 

Dang claims that bright-red nail lacquer will be fashionable forever. 

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