5 Zodiac Signs That Love Playing Hard To Get

When it comes to the game of love, some people have mastered the art of playing hard to get. They're enigmatic flirts who enjoy leading potential lovers on a chase.  

Geminis are the social masters of the zodiac. They enjoy going to an event and chatting up as many people as they can 

Gemini's interest in return, make them more likely to stick around, and that's to engage in clever, smart conversation with them.  

Libras, though having made it on this list of signs that play hard to get, are actually quite the flirt. 

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For Libras, the talking stage is an absolute delight, a time to bask in carefree fun without any heavy commitments 

Sagittarius radiates playful and flirty vibes effortlessly. They don't even have to try; it just comes naturally to them 

They take their time to commit, savoring the freedom and adventure that comes with the uncertainty and single life 

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